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Box Trucks

Each of our extensive staff members has experience in the shipping industry. Plus, they’ve worked side by side for over 10 years. You won’t find the same level of trust, teamwork, and experience

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Carrier Network

we have a freight forwarding network with one main principle connecting freight forwarding agents that are working on time-critical shipments. It is a group of worldwide forwarders.

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Why Choose Us? Find reasons to choose us as your freight partner

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide the highest level of customized logistics services to our customers safely and efficiently by utilizing quality personnel and resources. Maintaining integrity, fairness and honesty with our customers and business partners is our first priority.

Management & Reporting

We offer the most dynamic and innovative training solutions inside every aspect of our company, hiring only highly qualified team members, who are experts in their field. We are also transparent in our reporting of company policies, requirements, and ratings, as well as, contractual agreements so that the relationships built with our clients & carriers are strong and continuous.

Freight Payment Options

We offers several different options to receive and submit payments. Through options such as direct deposit, factoring, and quick pay, we can ensure that whatever the situation, payment transactions are made in a timely manner.

Fast & Reliable

Now you can get real-time shipment allowing you to monitor, get prices, and submit bookings with just a few easy clicks. Fast Reliable and Flexible freight shipping services.

Your Service Animal

We Encourage Bringing a Fuzzy Friend such as your Service Animal on the Road.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

To provide you with always available shipping service, we have been building a base of reliable subcontractors on eastern directions for many years. They’ve been cooperating with us both in long-term projects and single orders. What is extremely important: their trucks work exclusively for our organization.

Therefore, several hundred vehicles of different sizes are at your disposal in every moment of the business week, and they work for you even if you are asleep.

We motivate our subcontractors to reliable cooperation with long-term contracts, bonuses, and discounts, as well as exclusive contracts.

Your goods will be transported only by hand of tested, reliable and longterm subcontractors and drivers from our own-built base of road carriers. The transport quality and safety of your shipments we monitor with:

  • central fleet management system
  • the verification system of subcontractors and their fleet
  • regular assessment and monitoring of subcontractors and their vehicles
  • projects dedicated subcontractors, including those working exclusively for us
  • periodic training of drivers and their supervisors for dedicated projects which we carry out for our Clients

Most of the shipments and goods consolidation goes ahead in Fresno, where We have the site of own logistics complexes of the total surface of 100 000 sqm at its disposal. The complexes consist of high bay warehouses with separate terminal surfaces equipped with several dozen reloading docks.

All reloading terminals meet parameters of European standards.

We can give you the approximate delivery date. Sometimes customs inspections, weather conditions can cause delays. We cannot guarantee the exact delivery date.

It depends on the complexity of the supply chain and how it is designed and organized. A separate phases of transport such as preparation of shipment, export formalities, loading and transport, transit services, import formalities and final delivery  require first of all legal coordination.

Therefore, we usually recommend full-tuck transport with additional services since then we are fully responsible for safe transport and on-time delivery to consignees, while you can focus on more effective running of your business and making profit.

Yes, we provide FTL service with guaranteed delivery time. It’s a project attitude, in which each phase of transport is carefully planned and monitored according to precise Client’s requirements. This kind of service proves especially well in cases when time and availability of goods in shops at a specific time have crucial influence on the level of sales.

According CIF insurance is not mandatory, but can be useful and we highly recommend it. Ocean cargo insurance cover any cargo damage in any instance. Cost of the insurance can very between 0.75%-1.5% from the declared cargo value.

We arrange the transportation in Reefers. Our advice is to always to insured such a cargo, because is quite vulnerable.

We can prepare all the necessary documents.

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